Recently, there was a study which was conducted by experts about how professionals in the sector of product development can better understand the extent to which they are satisfied with their major CAD systems. The primary aim of the survey was to turn CAD system user’s experience into a vital data that gives knowledge into how the designed groups can successfully curb the common problems they face while using their CAD systems. This survey availed the following key points to be what the users of CAD software hate most concerning the systems.

1. The High Cost of Acquisition and Ownership

The very first issue with the CAD systems, according to the users, is the cost of owning such systems. Even if the systems can be precious and worth their prices, the users still believe that it is challenging to acquire and use such software.

CAD systems indeed have lots of useful features, including better ways to create and manage documentation and some useful tools like generative simulation and design. However, the users feel the weight of acquiring the systems and propose that they should be made affordable to all.

2. Difficulty in Exporting and Importing of Files

Before and with the introduction of these CAD systems, one would think that exporting and importing of records was a long-gone issue in the society. However, this has been listed as the second most issue while using the CAD systems by the users.

It is clear that the systems help in importuning and exporting of the files, but it has also been realized that the significant issue with this process is the fact that the 3D object tends to lose characteristics. This comes as a result of the fact that the purpose lacks parameters as well as intelligence hence making it be less or fail to be parametric at all. At times, it is realized that the object becomes incomplete or give merely partial translations. This implies that there is a missing surface.

Moreover, most of the CAD systems fail to provide the ability to write and read other native formats of CAD. Instead, they force users to choose on how to reduce it to a STEP file or even other forms which are considered neutral. As a result, the design engineers find it challenging especially those who are exposed to disparate data from different sources.

3. Difficulty in Learning and Using (Time-Consuming)

Learning of the usability of the CAD systems is challenging, and complex hence consumes a lot of time for one to master the tactics. The software has lots of features which are not easily learnable. Therefore, it hinders the amount of time the users take to easily and comfortably design their teams and convert the ideas they have into useful models.

It has been confirmed from the latest studies that the usage of the CAD systems does not just require training. The companies which utilize the software should adhere to exercise, which is comprehensive, coherent, and specific to whatever they want the employees to do. What makes the difference in the practice is the utilization of the aspects of the user interface of the CAD systems.

To solve the issue of mastering and training difficulty, the developers of these software are working hard to avail the systems which are compatible with such interfaces such as windows and other classic apps such as the excel and word to give the users a more familiar manner to access as well as to execute most of the present command by the CAD systems.

4. The Difficulty for the Employers to Find Experienced Employees by Using the Systems

While using these systems, employees have reported problems in finding or even locating a skilled worker when they need to hire new personnel for their companies. For instance, when someone is seeking to employ a CAD designer or even an engineer, it becomes challenging to find the set skills which are mainly required.

There have been difficulties even in instances where the potential worker is well versed in the technique required. Here, the person is found not to be advanced enough in the use of warrant of the CAD system for which he or she is hired. The only way to eradicate this is to engage and educate before the job is resumed. This again is costly to the firms which are still developing and have not many funds to invest in training.


Following the recent developing stories among the product development professionals, they require CAD software which they can cheaply afford. They need something that will deliver value to the designs they make since the issues which are witnessed tend to hinder their operations and should not be given a room at all. They need the CAD systems to be easily usable, which translates into easy search and recruitment process.