3 Best Digital Tools for Custom Map Creators

Have you ever been on a trip overseas? Perhaps you had trouble getting around an unfamiliar town. Luckily, we now Google Maps and OpenStreetMap to guide us wherever we are. But what if you wanted more features? Well, here are three ways you can create your own maps.

1) Mapme Map Builder

First, MapMe is an app that has been used to create well over 100,000 maps. Nonprofit organizations use it to promote their activities while travel companies use the maps to entice more people into booking hotels around the world.

With MapMe, you can make the user experience more immersive. You can create 3D structures and draw whatever shapes and lines you need to make the map as accurate as possible. Moreover, the app provides its own set of customizable icons and markers, but you can use your own images as well.

The app is available for free, but the features you get are limited. On the other hand, the Standard Plan starts at $39 a month and allows you to import and export your projects. You also get access to a variety of categories, filters, and the ability to add up to a hundred destinations.

2) Click2Map

If you’re on a tight budget, this app for you. Click2Map is a map-making tool that’s completely free. All you have to do is to register an account. After that, you can make as many custom maps as you want; there are no limits. You get helpful user statistics and there’s a mobile app for making maps on the go.

Business owners can use Click2Map to help potential customers locate their offices or stores. Likewise, writers and researchers can make their reports more detailed by having supplementary visual guides. Tech companies can even make a map to help users find the best countries once they know how to use a VPN to change location.

3) ZeeMaps

What’s interesting about this app is that you don’t even have to create an account to make custom maps. The free basic plan enables you to create a total of five maps with an unlimited number of points each. Getting any of the three premium plans gives you access to a higher upload limit, map images, and advanced editing features such as bulk edits and map cloning.

Overall, creating your own maps doesn’t have to be expensive. If you are determined and have the right resources, you can build custom maps that will benefit people all over the world.